How to Pick a Wedding Saree for Christian Bride

Wedding Saree

Wedding Saree for Christian Bride

The Christian community in India is an integral part of the diversity that the country has been blessed with and there can be no doubt about the fact that from the time that Christianity arrived which is believed to be almost two millenniums back at around  100AD there has been an  influence of their culture on the mainstream culture and the reverse osmosis. The typical Christian bride has for so many hundreds of years worn a white or an off white saree, be it the Christians of Kerala, Chhattisgarh, or other states of the south, where the adaptation to saree wearing happened. While in the rest of India, mainly the Christians of the North East have worn mainly western styles gowns; in the southern parts of India the bridal finery includes a deluge of beautifully designed white and off white sarees that enthrall you with their simplicity, yet divine beauty.

The beauty of such sarees is mostly because of the fact that white and off white sarees have so many variations-unbelievably so. There is not just textures and waves but also the play of gold and other colors with off white which makes the resplendence of whites come alive with its own unique beauty. It is in this ability of abiding by a certain norm of wearing white and the leeway that is given to being trendy with blouses, jewelry, footwear, hairdos and the works that has made saree wearing in Christian weddings such a popular choice amongst new generation brides. What a gown is to a Christian bride in the western world, a saree in white and off white is to the Christian bride from the subcontinent.

While one may imagine weddings to be about vivid colors, lots of jewelry and opulence, the shades of white on display in Christian weddings are also becoming, with time, more and more focused on detailing and embellishments and here are some great ideas that will help one home on to the best finds in such sarees, suitable for weddings of Christians.

There is no doubting the fact that lace has been a western influence and so has been the advent of Christianity in India but today the indigenous Christian community is as Indian as it can get but having been indigenized they have still wanted to retain some aspects of their religion – and in that comes the love for whites and the love for lace-here is a stellar example how the two can be absorbed into the wedding. This gorgeous lace saree the bridal bouquet in gold and white complementing the work on the border is rivetingly beautiful.

The Syrian Christian community of Kerala has always preferred that girls in their community wear sarees in their wedding and their choice has led to a huge upsurge in saree fashions for Syrian Christian brides. Here one that is ravishingly beautiful.Wedding Saree for Christian Bride

While the saree above is all about a simple white silk with a coin design in small size, and with a golden Banarasi border, the one below is a tissue with white on white embossed design that is a perfect saree to choose for a summer wedding. This Ritu Kumar saree is as suited for a Christian bride as it s for anyone who loves gorgeous tissue sarees. Could be teamed up easily with pearls as the base color is pearlier than off white.Wedding Saree for Christian BrideWedding Saree for Christian Bride

Here is another one that steals the heart- the gorgeous woven border in dull gold which sets off the milky whiteness of the saree so very perfectly. The simplicity of the saree is its best feature as is its simple blouse pattern as it will allow the bride to experiment as much as is possible with the jewelry.Wedding Saree for Christian Bride

The stone work saree above is something that will be loved for its gold undertones and the manner in which the subtle pink highlights that will not be your ordinary saree but the kind that will be noted for the subtlety of heavy work and its uniqueness.Wedding Saree for Christian Bride

The layering of gold over gold has been perfected in the tissue saree with cutwork border. Note the simple design of the cutwork border that helps in building the gold a little more robustly. Try and wear gold jewelry that compliments the pattern achieved in this or tiara like this bride has worn in her short but beautifully coiffure hair. Such broad lace borders can be attached to cotton silks and georgettes with much ease.Wedding Saree for Christian Bride

The saree above is the kind that any woman would be proud to own n her trousseau-classy and understated but not deficient in the embellishment so that you achieve a bright and truly grgoeus look on your big day. Note the long lace sleeves that has added to such more to the saree.Wedding Saree for Christian Bride

How can anyone go wrong with a Kanjeevaram and this gorgeous creation has been achieved through broad stripes of gold and off white diagonally,  and that on draping creates a wonderful pattern. A truly traditional white and gold saree, if there was one, and so very suited to the silk craving that all south Indian weddings have.Wedding Saree for Christian Bride

A subtle silk cotton Maheshwari that combines white and beige in an amazingly complex ikat style weave that will look wonderful in a summer wedding and can be embellished with pearl tassels and worn with pearly jewelry will lift its look further to a new bridal wear high.Wedding Saree for Christian Bride

A gorgeous tissue saree with a broad border that can be dazzling n any wedding scenario and more so when the white is present to ten down its shine. A firm favorite in many weddings-this gold border saree is great pick for those in love with tradition.Wedding Saree for Christian Bride

An Uppada saree, that combines white and gold in pattern that floors you with its stunning beauty. Who else could have showcased its classy beauty than the diva herself-Rekha. As you can see, it’s perfect for teaming with gold jewelry.Wedding Saree for Christian Bride

For those wanting the gown like feel in their wedding-here is a lace, and stone work saree with zari work highlights on the pallu and the frontage of the saree.

And finally a saree that spells the splendor of Benaras in each warp and weft the Benarasi kora-a precious little pick for a Christian wedding.Wedding Saree for Christian Bride

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