How to Wear Saree Pallu in Different Styles

Draping Styles

Wear Saree Pallu in Different Styles

With a saree as an outfit, you can do a lot of innovations and experiments with it. From the drapes to the Pallu, the nine yard fabric gives your creativity wings. Saree is said to be the only traditional outfit which is versatile and adaptable. In fact in Indian tradition there are various ways of draping a saree that varies depending on the geographical region.

For instance the front pallu drape in Gujarat is quite different from the front pallu in Bengal. And with the renaissance of Indian fashion, many more styles of draping may be invented and recreated.

So here is a guide to wearing some easy but unique drapes of saree in day to day wear:

 Be the Fashionista you with Scarf style Pallu

In this season’s LFW, the scarf style drape of pallu has reiterated its position. A scarf style drape means wrapping the the pallu around your neck like a scarf. All you need to do is twisting the pallu end around the neck instead of resting it on the left shoulder (as you do in nivi style sarees).Wear Saree Pallu in Different Styles

Symmetry with a Square Pallu

Square pallus were very popular during 1990s. But as we mentioned before, this period is the renaissance of Indian fashion. So the trend of square style pallus is back. The pallu of the square pallu goes from under arm of right arm towards the under arm of left arm. After pinning this pallu end beneath the left under arm, pin the rest of pallu over the left shoulder, nicely pleated.Wear Saree Pallu in Different Styles

This style is trickier but it is easily do-able.

Experiment with traditional Front Pallu

Front pallus are an interesting style of draping. Though front style drapes can be done in various ways, but a modern twist to it can be seen in the picture. So in this style you put the pallu on front from your left shoulder instead of traditional way of putting it over the right shoulder. The pallu end that resides over the right side can be tucked in or let loose, it’s your choice.Wear Saree Pallu in Different Styles

The evergreen Nivi Pallu

We are calling nivi style drape an evergreen drape. This is because this drape can melt with every type of fabric whether it’s silk or its cotton. And it also is always in vogue. This means that if you are unsure about the how-to’s of draping, then a nivi style drape is your ultimate drape.Wear Saree Pallu in Different Styles

Sit pretty with an open Pallu

Open pallu are the most comfortable pallu styles which is adored by women- old and young. It is easy to wear, easy to carry pallu style that gives you enough space for movement.Wear Saree Pallu in Different Styles

For sarees with heavier pallu and heavy border, open pallu is a wise choice. If certain pallu styles would have been made mandatory with certain sarees then the Jodi of heavy border and open pallu would have been at the top of that list. An open is advantageous since it displays your saree’s grandiose well at the same time makes it easier for you to handle this saree.

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