How to Wear a Readymade Saree

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Wear a Readymade Saree

So you have looked close at all of those friends of yours at parties and wondered why were they not such a nervous wreck as you were at the college farewell. And some of you later must have wondered, how come the Bollywood divas danced around trees, ran and jumped on the snow or simply skipped around fields in sarees that were flowing in the wind without a care  about the pleats  coming undone or the pallu  causing some kind of an embarrassment! Well, the simple phenomenon that has eased the life of many ladies who love sarees but could never quite get the hang of draping it -is the pre stitched or the readymade or automatic saree.

What exactly is this phenomenon? Well, quite frankly, this entire idea arose sometime in the 2000s when some foreign designers liked the idea of getting Indian drapes on to the ramp abroad but were not quite sure how they would get the draping of the saree right – and so arose the idea of getting the drape itself fixed and ready to wear, with the pleats and the pallu all sorted in a gown styled dress. So all one had to do is to get into the skirt that is made of the underskirt or the inner petticoat and then the layers of cloth that is the body of the saree, simply drapes around you, and that is the portion that is stitched on to the inner skirt. It has zipper fasteners and can be worn in exactly 30 seconds flat!

So if you are used to the typical saree wearing that indeed needs some very high skill levels of pleating and getting the length and the positioning of the pallu right, as well as creating a fine silhouette with your draping-you can  continue with conventional draping. But the fact remains that pre stitched sarees come in so many varieties that not just Bollywood divas but also those who have for long worn sarees conventionally, love the look that has begun showing in the most innovative of styles.

Here are some great reason to opt for pre stitched sarees:

  • An amazing range of fabrics are now being used to create ensembles.
  • There is a decisive focus on making them friendlier to every day wear and even office wear.
  • There are so many options for party wear that even those who were into western wear prefer saree gowns today.
  • You can be pretty much be free of all worries be it of tucking , pinning or whatever else.
  • Those who were afraid of seeming to be bulkier in sarees around the stomach in particular, can now be assured of taking those extra inches off as the pleats are not required to be tucked.
  • The usage of shimmery fabrics, the kind that would be avoided by you simply because of the fact that they are way too slippery for you to manage can now be worn with ease.

Also the most important part-not being time consuming, a saree when so fuss free can soon be the most favored dress if one gets the wearing so eased out, especially as now one does not need anyone else’s help to drape it- a major hurdle for some Indians who have migrated to the western world and do not find others of their kind who would know the saree draping technique.

 Wear a Readymade SareeSo are there some pointers to make the ready to wear sarees look even better than how it is designed. Well, the fact is that the pre stitched sarees come in so many innovative designs that one has to simply see one’s own choice and take a pick. Here are some all important tips:

Make sure you have a blouse that goes well with the saree you have chosen to buy. There are many varieties of fabrics from chiffons, georgettes to shimmery nets and silks of all kinds and nowadays even tussars, kasavu and handloom silks of all kinds.

Since there is no need to get a petticoat as it comes with one , do make sure that the tying of the saree is done at the right height  and should be done after you have worn your heels.

Style your pallu –the best part about wearing a pre stitched saree is the way you want to do up the pallu is completely your look out and there are so many ways that could be tried depending of course on the kind of blouse that you are wearing. Here is one style that covers the front adequately as the blouse is made of net fabric.

 Wear a Readymade Saree

It’s important to the pre stitched saree customized to fit you well. There being no proper tucking and pinning involved, and so like any other dress the saree could be pleated or the pallu can be placed on the front in accordance with the body type that you are thus highlighting your features better , which of course is not possible with conventional draping.

The unconventional manner of draping the pallu and showing off the uniqueness of blouse is the best feature of ready to wear sarees. They give you the look and ease of western attires, the supreme fit of well stitched clothes and the satisfaction of knowing that you are looking traditional as well.

 Wear a Readymade Saree

The ease of draping the loose pallu as you wish is evident in the saree shown in a shimmering maroon. Look at the manner in which the figure is lovingly draped with no over clutter of fabric in any manner and the pallu has been draped in an easy to style manner. Wear a Readymade Saree

Blouses shaped like corsets or jackets and peplums, look superb with the ready to wear sarees. Here one can see the gorgeously structured blouse teamed with an eye on unconventional styles. The frilled blouse that makes up the top give the saree a very young feel. The pallu when taken in thin pleats over the left shoulder, increases the oomph factor of the drape. This is why it’s important to work on your blouse a little more seriously. Wear a Readymade Saree

And finally, the saree gown-this is one of the most loved looks of the ready to wear sarees  and in this case the golden tulle or shimmer crepe along with the sheer sleeved blouse that has been given this deep yoke in gorgeous embroidered patchwork team sup so cohesively with the look of the entire ensemble.

Top notch designers are offering the pre draped saree as part of their wedding line  and other hot on the runway look as it is without a doubt has given the saree a new lease of life-the kind that even conventional saree drapers will be happy to try.

 Wear a Readymade Saree