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It isn’t the first time that you would have seen a gown. It has always awed Indians as many Hollywood divas appeared on the red carpet draped in flowing fabrics that clung where it should and draped so lovingly and magically creating silhouettes that were seldom seen in the fashion circles in India. In India too couturieres have given the conventional saree the same very treatment. The 6 yard long flowing garment has been structured without taking away its graceful flowing lines and its significantly ethnic styling. Added to it was the zippered feature to ensure that however clumsy you may feel in a traditional saree , you could now manage to last through the evening in the saree gown even though you would be tripping or tugging, as you go along without any major wardrobe malfunction. In short, the saree truly has been reinvented to appear not only more glamorous than before, but has acquired an international appeal, due to its practicality of wearing and its scintillating new designs.

The apparent popularity of the designs on offer has made every major apparel brand as well as saree designers to launch a new range of saree gowns ever since in 2013, they came of age. Monisha Jaisingh, Tarun Tahiliani, to Manish Malhotra, all have contributed immensely into this revolutionary change of saree usage, be it through its design or its outreach.

So here are some scintillating designs but before that, here are some tips for choosing the right kind of saree gown for yourself and what more could be done to prepare for making it look its best on you.

Do remember that gowns can be easily used as much to flaunt your figure as to hide its imperfections. So there has to be a great amount of trial and fitting when it comes to saree gowns much like any other fitted dress and quite unlike in a saree.

Accessorizing –mainly chandelier for your ears and a lovely box clutch is imperative, as is a heavy cocktail ring, and a cuff on the wrist.

Saree gowns are necessarily worn with very trendy footwear, mostly kitten heels but here could be exceptions.

Perfect for brides who want a break from typically traditional look saree-it could be worn for the wedding Sangeet, DJ night, the Mehandi or the after wedding cocktail.

Here are some of the finest on saree gown designs that are hot on the fashion scene.

Here with an effortless ease, the saree gown has been as if sculpted with perfection to suit the lissomness that we call Deepika. The gown in an almost neon orangey watermelon color has a gorgeous ornate lace motif and satin bordered base which further highlights the pleats. The demure round neck and the almost sheer pallu looks positively drool worthy.Saree-Gown-Design

An easy breezy Grecian drape that looks gorgeous when worked on ivory. Here is a gown that is not as structured as the more fashionable slim fitting one. This is for sure a saree gown that hybridizes the look to be greeker than Indian, look at the knot that has shifted to the base and the Greek sandals that make the look more complete.Saree-Gown-Design

Glamorous silhouettes are easy with the saree gown as in the case of the jersey material design in black that has been worn with a corset top with spaghetti straps. The reverse pallu and the ornamentation at the waist make the silver and black look positively one of the most favorites of looks in black formals. The ivory tissue drape with a mermaid shimmer top and the gray jersey off shoulder saree gown are both from the bracket of the ultra modern looks that can be tried only by those who have a more daring approach to modernity.Saree-Gown-Design

A spectacular way to dress up a saree gown, of course, is by making it wed embroidery. And what better way to enhance the look than this gorgeous pallu embroidery that is replicated along the neck of the coordinating blouse. A saree gown that sets the record straight when it comes to the beauty of saree at its best.Saree Gown DesignAnother super comfortable version is this emerald green avatar in which the drape in a satiny fabric looks ravishingly beautiful and very comfortable as well, combined with a bodice top in lace and sheer fabric. The necklines of saree gowns play an important part in giving the dress a certain look. When embroidery comes together with the net the effect is delicate and ethereal.Saree-Gown-Design

Simply coral

This saree gown gets its beauty from the very simplicity of the lines that makes it look all the more special. A color like coral does not require too much work on it and stands out because of the ravishing nature of its own color density and in this case some delicate silver work along the neckline and the waist fives it just the touch of ornate. Love the long pallu that almost grazes the ground. When seen on the back, the drape along the hip and the motif on the back take the look several notches higher in terms of sophistication.Saree Gown Design

This beige gold creation has been teamed up with a white top that has work in gold at the back and the front. The reverse pallu works fabulously in this design.Saree-Gown-Design

The corset blouse in a blue and black heavily embroidered design has been teamed with a simple velvet bordered ivory chiffon saree gown. Sometimes a simple saree gown can help highlight a gorgeous top and make the ensemble look truly hypnotic.Saree-Gown-Design

The layered saree gown can be another  option and that can also help hugely in offsetting a heavy blouse. The layering here in this saree has been more defined by the shaded nature of the fabric used for the main body of the gown.Saree-Gown-Design

The loop drape-the homogenous nature of this ensemble can be seen in the manner in which the top and the main body of the saree have both got blended in so perfectly giving the true impression of a saree. Look at the manner in which the pallu goes low on the right lifting up along the tiered saree body to come up on the left.Saree-Gown-Design

And finally here is another look that will make quite a few heads turn this fall and winter-the dhoti saree gown with the jacket. The perfect blend of west and east, the saree not only is tried perhaps in the most conventional of traditional ways, but the jacket adds that formal flair to the look.Saree-Gown-Design

A white and beige creation that sets the record straight when it comes to a neat structuring and the flair of fashion that jackets can provide-here is another creation that will send the flashbulbs ablaze. This is the look that will make saree gowns acquire a whole new feel and look in the coming seasons. Even as simple embellished gown manages to look so special with a simple addition of a jacket.Saree-Gown-Design