Beautiful Saree Packing Styles


Saree Packing Styles

When making the bridal trousseau, saree packing is the most important thing to take care of. A simple wedding can be made into an extraordinary event if the saree packing is done rightly. An ideal saree packing style should make a nice impression but at the same time protect the delicate saree. In fact, while packing a saree, it should be considered as an asset that is being packed and utmost care should be taken to pack it decoratively. If you have a wedding coming up in your family or you are a bride looking to pack her bridal saree collection, then below are some ideas for you to pack your saree in style –

Village theme saree packing

This is an interesting theme with a bit of tradition and old values. The theme is based on the village life and depict the new life after marriage for bride and groom in a beautiful manner.Saree Packing Styles

Saree packing in tray

If you are looking for something very simple that you can even make at home, then the saree packing style in a tray is the best option. All you need is some decorative paper and a tray. The saree is properly lined in the well-decorated tray along with a transparent sheet to cover it up.Saree Packing Styles

Radha Krishna theme saree packing

Radha-Krishna theme is very popular these days. This theme is based upon the eternal love between Radha and Krishna. This is the best reminder of the power of eternal love by the medium of saree packing. This packing style is not only for decoration purpose but also sends a strong message of love.Saree Packing Styles

Classic saree packing with small embellished umbrella

This is essentially the ‘wedding theme’ of saree packing with well-embellished trinket umbrella and the red colored tray which holds the saree. Saree is nicely spread and wrapped around the box of the tray and the umbrella on the side adds to the appeal.Saree Packing Styles

Special folds saree packing theme

This saree packing style can only be made by an expert as it requires a special folding technique. The saree is pleated at the bottom and is nicely wrapped in a round basket. The matching flowers lined on the outside of the basket add a special touch.Saree Packing Styles

Saree packing in flower theme

If you are fond of roses, then this theme will definitely be liked by you. The ‘Rose n Wrap’ theme is perfect for packing those sarees that resembles the shades of rose, just like in this picture. The flowers at the corner and spread over the packing look gorgeous and make the packing even more special.Saree Packing Styles

Saree packing in red bridal theme

This theme is perfect for packing bridal saree. Red is the color of the bride and look lovely when packed in the same colored tray.Saree Packing Styles

Saree packing in designer basket

The designer baskets look lovely when it comes to packing a saree and tassels on the handle add extra style factor.Saree Packing Styles

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