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The readiness for office involves the feeling of fresh surge of energy and a confidence that is brimming over knowing that one is not just feeling mentally sharp but looking sharp as well. With the advent of an era when women are stepping beyond barriers and borders of gender, to surge ahead in every possible field of work, professional approach to dressing for work is another aspect that has undergone a huge change. There is an upbeat approach to dressing which is supposed to make one feel and look ready for the day-ready to take on any challenge, be free to move around and be active and remain completely at ease unhindered by the way one looks. Professionals in every field also wish to project their personalities as being cool, confident, smart and ultra sophisticated, verging on a certain kind of dressing that is sleek and tidy, no-nonsense and practical.

The question therefore arises–does ones love for sarees-the most desirable of Indian drapes, suit office environment and the kind of activity some women have to be involved in which means rushing in and out of places, moving from office to office, meeting clients and holding or attending meetings. Well, the answer to all of that is yes-the saree if one were to look at closely has evolved hugely as a dress and can be modified in terms of looks and draping style to suit any kind of activity, however hectic ones schedule maybe. Above all, the look of dignified calm it lends to a woman, is to be seen to be believed.

Those still in doubt would logically need some more reasons to begin believing that they emerging trend in office wear has veered strongly in favor of wearing sarees and nothing comes close to the manner in which the look of sarees has metamorphosed.Saree Office Wear

Here are some important pointers for wearing sarees to office:

Essentially the reasons why sarees have this amazing capacity to adapt to any place is its range of colors and textures and the colors that one ought to choose for office should always be light, pastels, non flowery, basic solids that are not too glossy or overly bright. However if one could wear a powdery blue one day , on a grey cloudy day do wear a bright yellow and make the right impression of your bright and energized presence.

You can see how well the lighter hues of grays and the yellow saree teamed with simple unstructured high neck blouses look.Saree Office Wear

The Versatility of Sarees

The fantastic thing about sarees is that they are without doubt one of the most versatile of drapes as you can see how a simple printed saree gains such a wonderfully formal feel for office or Board meeting with an inclusion of a jacket. You could have the jacket stitched to waist length or slightly longer like any other blazer and then see the magic of the transformation.

On the flip side the same very saree in the evening could become your party wear –all one needs to do is open ones hair, switch the jacket for a loose pallu drape and fix the face for an after-conference meal!Saree Office Wear

Stick To Cottons and Pure Fabrics

While we all know that it is n the natural fabrics wherein lies the true pleasure of the drape , the same applies to office wearing sarees. All you need to do for office is wear, linens, simple handloom cottons, raw silks or Bhagalpuris and tussars. What your choiceof saree implies is not just taste but love for things genuine and high quality-a concern that in any work environment reflects the personality in some ways.Saree Office WearAnother pointer which should make things more comfortable for anyone wearing sarees to office is that there is no expectation to be overtly fashionable with sarees as they in themselves spell class and dignity. All you must remember to do is pin it appropriately at the pallu by making pleats at the shoulder and then also at the waist so as to keep the front pleats amply organized.

The combination of traditional weave her spells so much elegance as one can see in the picture below. Wear trinkets in silver with silks such as this and you are sorted as far as accessories go.

I would also suggest that you wear a chukny watch which is much in trend for women and see how ultra professional your look gets.

Footwear that must be an imperative withy office wear sarees have to have some kind of an elevation to make your movement and not allow the saree to get tangled at your feet- and that is by wearing not very high heels. Wear wedges if you have to be on your feet all day long.

A very important part of officewear saree choice is not to choose anything that is see-through. While you may wear cotton silks and georgettes during the rainy season, switch to synthetics but do not opt for material such as Chanderis or chiffons that are of the very light kind. While office parties may still allow such a choice, a normal working day may not.Saree Office Wear

Wear preferably boat necked blouses or even round necked one that could have longish sleeves. Apart from making the appearanceof the saree more regal and dignified it does protect you from tanning when outdoors.Saree Office Wear

As it has been said very aptly that sarees are adaptable to any season and all kinds of figures, there is however the need to understand the kind of job that you do and choose the saree accordingly. For example those who have to interact with customers need to wear colors that are softer and more pleasing like lighter hues of pinks and peaches while those who have to deal in the high managerial level can choose more robust shades like brighter blues, black . In fact seldom is there any working lady who does not own a black saree that helps in power dressing.Saree Office Wear

Sarees for officewear does project a certain pride in tradition that adds to ones personality that is projected in the office environment. While there is nothing odd in wearing western wear to work, a saree with its celebrated presence does not just make you look wonderful, but adds a certain value to your personality which few other dressing styles can.Saree Office Wear