15 Saree Draping Tips to Help You Look Gorgeous


Saree Draping Tips

Perhaps, there is no other garment which can be draped in as many styles as the saree and with each style comes a look that is unique. However, those opting to try the saree for special occasions have always fretted over whether it will suit their body type, if the saree will make them add more age to their looks, or if the style they have chosen suits the occasion or not. While all of these questions muddle up your mind, there is no questioning the fact that one of the most sensuous and glamorous looks have been created with the saree. So, when it comes to choosing it as your special occasion wear-you have been bang on target. But, yes-when it comes to some styling and making its oomph factor ride high, there could be some tips that could make its draping far easier.

Here are some of the most interesting of tips taken from professional drapers who have years of experience draping sarees professionally who believe that to get the best effect in silhouettes, there are certain fundamental rules that cannot be ruled out.

Pleats Please

Let me begin by stating right at the beginning that being a loose garment with yards of fabric, it is in the manner in which you pleat the saree at the waist that creates the needed move net and the graceful look. Also, each fabric will have its own pleating need-chiffon is more loose, while silks will need to be broad and more regular.Saree Draping Tips

Level it Right

It’s not just the choice of saree but the place where you will be typing it at the waist which matters. So what should be the right place to tie the saree? Well, experts say that even if you have a 24-inch waist with no love handles to worry about, it is always better to keep it an inch below the navel and now any lower.Saree Draping Tips

Heel to Seal The Look

Quite frankly, you will simply ruin your saree look with flats or platforms and wedges. The arch of the back takes away so much of your bulk from the torso that the difference is dramatic. Your walk becomes in tune with the look. Get the right heels for your saree look-not too high though!Saree Draping Tips

Get Leveled

Sure, it matters, where the saree ends matters as much as where it begins! And so while you are careful not to go too low below the navel, make sure the saree does not ride up too high as well. Ideally, once your heels are on the saree lower border should graze the ground-meaning, it is okay for one inch of heel to show and not more. If the saree rides up too much it takes away from the elegance of the look.Saree Draping Tips

Thin Border Plain Saree for the Ones Who Are Short

Yes, remember if you are shorter than average, the saree can play a huge role in giving you that extra elevation that few other clothes can. Wear a plain light colored saree with a thin border and feel the inches adding up dramatically.Saree Draping Tips

Getting the Pallu Position Right

Think about it-if the entire attention shifts to your midriff, which in all probability is trim or to the blouse if you take the pallu in a way that it does not cover the blouse completely then, the look of the saree is compromised. Try not to do that and if you wish to make the blouse the statement piece then go ahead and wear a completely plain saree to highlight that.Saree Draping Tips

 Overworked Accessories

Never should the saree be worn with too many accessories. Overdressing can kill the look of sarees and every occasion is not your wedding-so even when dressing for festive occasions dress down with few statement pieces like a grand choker, or a bajuband, or it could also be a pair of gorgeous chandelier danglers.Saree Draping Tips

Fish Cut Petticoat

Too much bulk in the petticoat can sometimes be the undoing in the case of those who have stomach bulk. Get your petticoat stitched in a way that it makes the upper part of your hip a lot slimmer making a flare below the knees. This can play a very important role in net and more see through a variety of sarees.Saree Draping Tips

Layered look

Helps to make your look all the more alluring. The trick is in trying it with really soft flowing fabrics and wearing it with spaghetti strap blouses. You should try this, especially if you are too thin and tall.Saree Draping Tips

Hide your Flab with Prints

So you have wanted to hide those extra pounds and what really works for you is the usage of prints that can tone down the look of the body with their interest arousing presence on the saree thereby taking the attention away.Saree Draping Tips

Sleeves that Suit

The sleeves of your blouse and its neck can play an important role in making the most from your saree drape-really! Wear quarter length sleeves and slightly higher neck if in case you want the silhouette to be slimmer and more suited to making you appear slimmer. Note the choice of the few pieces of accessories, the print of the saree and the hairdo. There is no show of midriff or the blouse either. The pallu has been pinned at the shoulder yet not too high to make it look way too formal.Saree Draping Tips

Loosen the Pallu

Pallus of all nets and chiffons look best when they are allowed to fall freely from the shoulder. Remember to keep the look soft by choosing the right kind accessories and a blouse.Saree Draping Tips

Fall For the Saree

Sure don’t we all fall for their beauty, but here I’m suggesting the long length of cloth we attach to the inner portion of the lower border. Well, in reality if the saree is very heavy, having a heavily done  border a fall may not be necessary, but is all the more necessary if the saree is very light.

Size of Pins

Sure, they matter, while pins matter a lot it is important that one chooses the size that does not show or protrude through the fabric. Keep that in mind, especially if you are wearing softer lighter fabrics like chiffon or chinon.Saree Draping Tips

Satin Petticoat? Be Cautious

Satin petticoats maybe needed to be made with net sarees or lace ones, but remember to give them an inner lining or else they tend to stick to the body making movement rather difficult.Saree Draping Tips

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