7 Awesome Saree Draping Styles to Look Slim

Draping Styles

Saree Draping Styles to Look Slim

There is a huge premium that society has placed in being slim but over a period of time not only have mindsets evolved, but so have the way one dresses. And so while many types of clothing that were taboo earlier for–the more plump or broad structured people; the same restrictions have long been torn down. Infact, there is hardly any color or any attire that is not worn by all. When it comes to sarees, there are so many reasons that they are loved the most as a traditional dress in India, but above all, the reason for its popularity is, its ability to make all women feel wonderful in its folds. If there were one costume in India that remains unchallenged in its homogenous treatment of shape and figure, then it would have to be the saree.

So should one really worry if one is looking tall, short, slim or plump in a saree considering how magnificent a well-chosen saree is going to make one look anyway?

The point really is that a saree does possess the ability to make one look slimmer and this is more easily done when the choice of the saree is right as is the draping style. For instance, a slimmer person would be better off wearing a thicker heavier fabric than one who is heavier built, but then again, it would also matter a great deal on the draping style.

There are a large number of styles of wearing the saree with a proven track record of making the silhouette appear slimmer and it frankly is a play of pleats, pallu and color.

Let us begin by choosing the right kind of saree and then we can move to the draping style.

For instance, a plain saree with broad stripes will make the wearer appear slimmer as the attention will be drawn not to the heavy figure in the saree but to the broad stripes that will catch the eye.

Choose sarees that have thin borders  and those with darker colors like fuchsia, orange, navy blue, and deep gray as they tone down the breadth amply or draw more attention to the color rather than the frame. Paler shades like pinks, peach, lighter greens will show off the frame.

Also, two toned sarees make you look slimmer as do narrow border sarees.Saree Draping Styles to Look Slim

Choosing a saree that is darker on the top and has a lighter color in the lower body takes the attention away from the heavier upper torso. Here is the best way to choose a saree In black –team it with white!Saree Draping Styles to Look Slim

A completely black saree too is great for a slim look and to top it your glamor quotient goes up several notches higher.Saree Draping Styles to Look Slim

Here are some draping styles that will make women who are more curvaceous feel happier about their shape and make the saree look enviably gorgeous on them.

The Loose Pallu Drape

Without a doubt the drape that will make all the difference to the way the saree looks on you is the way you have draped the loose end or the pallu and the best way, of course, to keep the upper torso, not getting highlighted is by leaving the pallu falling loose, and held at the elbow in a fall that is graceful. Look at the way this diva does it best. Try and avoid the Nivi style as that could cause one to look plumper as it does expose much of the midriff.Saree Draping Styles to Look Slim

 The Mermaid Drape

The mermaid drape is one of the easiest on the figure and can be worn with much ease. The gorgeous style simply shapes the lower portion of the hips thereby taking the attention away from the midriff and stomach-two areas that have maximum fat.Saree Draping Styles to Look Slim The mermaid style saree is best worn with lighter nets and chiffons and the drape is done in a manner that the pleats are formed on the side and back while the front has none, thus not allowing the typical tummy bulge to form, the kind one sees in most sarees. The pallu is made to fall in front or as in the picture, be made additionally with another stretch of the fabric.

The Front Loop Pallu

 This drape also affords you the luxury of making the upper body and the midriff almost seem fluid and without form, thus giving you the advantage of wearing your saree with such ease. One needs to make sure that the saree has that extra bit of length. One can have the same material attached to the inner length of the saree and make it at least two meters longe. Saree Draping Styles to Look SlimAlternately the Rajrani style can be worn as a front pallu instead of making just the corner go up the shoulder, one could make the entire breadth of the saree rise up-more like a dupatta. However, for this drape to look less shabby and more elegant-one could use Chanderi or tissue in the gossamer light finish.

The Rajrani Style

Not severely experimental, this saree drape ensures that your upper body is not too loaded with fabric yet adequately covered with the front pallu that can be left loose or taken across and tucked on the left side of the waist.Saree Draping Styles to Look Slim

Loose Front Pallu

You cannot quite go wrong with this style as the blouse option would make you feel quite ‘hidden’. Wear it with a long sleeved blouse for a better effect and the front pallu worn this way will emphasize the pattern on the blouse thus taking attention away from the midriff. Long sleeved blouses too help in splitting this focus area. Thus a loose dropped pallu is a great respite for those with heavy frames.

Here is a look at why:Saree Draping Styles to Look Slim

The Double Pallu

If one adds an additional drape on the right shoulder that compliments the left pallu, the figure gets balanced and slimness looks enhanced. The torso, when divided into three different segments, begins to look less prominent. Such is the effect of optical illusions that have been tried and tested.Saree Draping Styles to Look Slim

The Jacketed Saree

And to give that chic twist to your look, wear your saree with a pallu that does not drop- instead, it goes round the neck. The jacket hides all the ‘figure flaws’,  and makes its own shapely presence felt in a novel sort of way.Saree Draping Styles to Look Slim

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