Best Bandhani Saree Blouse Neck Designs

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The myriad shades that seem to be incredibly alike-not printed by some machine but created by the fascinating art of hand dyeing called tie and dye. The designs could be spirals, dancing girls, the mango, or simply waves, grains, stripes or a delightful criss cross-the emphasis being color and brightness, broken only by patterns with more colors-that is the true flavor of Bandhej. The Bandhej saree be it on silk, chiffon, georgettes, or cotton , have an incredible ability to add a sense of liveliness to the person draping it. The color and the cheerful play of patterns can be vibrant but need not be necessarily too dressy for very special occasions. A lot therefore could be done with those 9 yards of bandhej saree with borders, embroidery and the works. But most importantly, making the whole look come alive with the look and feel of Rajasthan and Gujarat, the tow states that have the finest of bandhej work-is of course the blouse.

Here are some neck design most suitable for Bandhej sarees.

The quality of Bandhej is that it automatically creates feeling of festivity and happiness and thus blouses worn with such sarees look all the more suited if they have an exaggerated amount of embellishment.

Such is the look of patterns formed with Bandhej that blouses that have elaborate work on them look exquisite. Be it stone work, gota patti wok, zari embroidery and even a lot of resham and dabka-all of these look great.

Here are some blouse neck designs that simply uplift the look of Bandhej:

The Boat Neck with Gota Patti

The simple demure high neck gets a flamboyant design with the help of gota where it swirls down in tiny delicate waves. This would be the kind of style that without getting into too much of an elaborate neck cut manages to create designer feel to the blouse without much ado.

Most suited for dinners with friends and the likes.ergeg

The Choli Cut

The perfect choice especially for a bandhej or a gharchola with bandhej work as the embroidery on the arm and the manner in which the choli cut gives to the front and the back, suits the regionality of the saree. It is in fact the chaniya choli that is worn by Rajput women who love wearing bandhej and lehariya long skirts along with a blouse called choli and an odhani. This style of blouse thus is the closest one could come to the real design.Saree Blouse Neck Designs

The Round Neck with Border and Puff Sleeve

A simple design that looks and makes one look years younger. The bandhani is most suited for blouses that play with the design of necks and sleeves and in this case the neck has gota border that is bright and broad while the sleeves have a slight puff. Will look great for morning wear sarees.Saree Blouse Neck Designs

The High Front Neck with tear Drop Back

A sleeveless blouse that looks great of made with Kutch work embroidered blouse. The structuring of the shape will be great on the back if the material chosen is thicker and in this case-it is.Saree Blouse Neck Designs

The Sweetheart Neck

Of course this sweet little neck design with embellished with thread work takes on whole new look as you can see in the case of this exquisite blouse worked on with resham.Saree Blouse Neck Designs

Net Covered High Back and Front

When you are wearing a Bandhej in chiffon or georgette with a heavy border, use the base color or the color of the border as the color of fabric with which your back and front will be covered. Get some gota patti work done on that and attach it to the blouse.Saree Blouse Neck Designs

The Tie Up Choli Style Blouse in Lace

Here the usual choli blouse has been given a round tie up back and the only divergence being that for getting it right use the blouse material in the same colour as the saree and then cover it with lace for effect. This is a great way to enhance the look of a simple pale colored bandhej saree by wearing a lace blouse with a tie up tasseled back.Saree Blouse Neck Designs