Wear Saree in Kerala Style

How to Wear Saree in Kerala Style?

Draping Styles

Simplicity, grace and beauty-these are the three words that define one of the most ‘bound in tradition’ sarees called the Mundum neriyathum or kasavu or the Kerala Kasavu. Easily identified because of its rich gold border highlighting its ivory or off white color, this saree by far is one of the most distinct from amongst […]

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Wear Saree in Marathi Style

How to Wear Saree in Marathi Style

Draping Styles

The Maharashtrian saree drape often called as the Nauvari saree drape, and is one of the most loved amongst the regional drapes having been showcased not just in popular cinema but also has made a splash on the fashion runway as well. This drape comes with a certain amount of playfulness that is very different […]

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Wear a Readymade Saree

How to Wear a Readymade Saree

Draping Styles , Tips

So you have looked close at all of those friends of yours at parties and wondered why were they not such a nervous wreck as you were at the college farewell. And some of you later must have wondered, how come the Bollywood divas danced around trees, ran and jumped on the snow or simply […]

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Red Saree Blouses

How to Select Blouses Matching Red Saree


There is always something about not just buying the red saree, but also wearing it, which takes that extra bit of conviction. Red is dense color that always manages to get that extra bit of attention and thus not only does one have to choose the right occasions to wear it but also tone it […]

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Hand Work Saree Border Designs

Best of Hand Work Saree Border Designs

Saree Designs

We may have heard it a number of times-the pallu is the soul of the saree that tells a certain story. What about the border of the saree? The border defines the entire length of the saree, giving it a look of distinction, making the saree’s color more attractive, the print more cohesive-in fact the […]

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