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The whole world knows that Indian women love their sarees more than any other outfit, and Bollywood heroines have played a very big part in inspiring generations with experimenting in trendy blouse styles. In our generation we have actress like Sonam Kapoor and Deepika Padukone whom we need to thank as they have shown us how to accessorize our sarees with chic, modern and well designed blouses.

Today’s Indian woman does not have to go to a ‘darzi’and stitch a traditional blouse to match with her saree,but she can choose from a wide variety of crop tops, backless blouses, tunics and flaunt themselves in front of friends and relatives.

Everybody wants to look their best and different, especially during the festive time and so choosing the latest designer blouse which will complement their figure and make them stand-out among the crowd.

We have put together the very latest and trendiest blouse designs for you, because no matter how beautiful the saree may be, if the blouse is not designed well, the saree will look dull and boring.

Halter Neck Saree Blouse Design

New Saree Blouse DesignsHalter neck blouses add a modern touch to a traditional outfit and make you look very smart and sophisticated as well. In these types of blouses, the back gives support to the front of your body with straps or tie-up laces, so there are no arm holes and so it gives you freedom of movement.

Peplum Style Saree Blouse Design

New Saree Blouse DesignsNew Saree Blouse DesignsWith the rise in popularity of fusion sarees, matching it with a peplum blouse, and draping it with a trendy fusion saree will give it an Indo-western look. They are effortless and glam you up instantly and make your sarees look like gowns.

Boat Neck Blouse design

New Saree Blouse DesignsThe boat neck saree blouse gives you a very versatile and complete look. A simple cotton boat neck blouse can be worn to work and while attending functions or parties, a boat neck blouse in sheer, lace or net can give you an instant glamorous look. An embroidered boat neck blouse with a key-hole back can really make one stand-out in an occasion and give you many accolades.

Collar Neck Saree Blouse design

New Saree Blouse DesignsThe collar neck saree blouse design is gaining huge popularity thanks to Bollywood actresses like Sonam Kapoor and Deepika Padukone who flaunt them regularly in parties and occasions. This pattern looks sophisticated and classy with sarees when worn to work, at parties, festivals. These blouses can look more stunning when embroidery is done on it and can transform one’s look instantly.

Backless Saree Blouse Design

New Saree Blouse DesignsA backless blouse is daring and is created to show off sensual appeal. It is preferably worn on occasions or special events. It is not true that backless blouses look good only on slim body shapes but can be carried off by any body shape, provided the backless blouse is well tailored and the material suits the wearer.

Peter Pan Saree Blouse design

New Saree Blouse DesignsNew Saree Blouse DesignsIf you want to look fun and also confident at the same time, then you must opt for this quirky blouse. The Peter pan collar neck design is a vintage design and now it is being widely experimented with Indian saree blouses as well. While wearing this saree you must not accessorize the neck but rather concentrate on the earrings as Sonam Kapoor has chosen to do, she truly is the brand ambassador of the saree and you too can look like a million bucks like she does!

Back Bow Saree Blouse design

New Saree Blouse DesignsThe Bow detailing at the back of the blouse also known as the ‘Christmas Bow’ is extremely playful and elegant and can instantly make you the centre of attraction at any occasion or party you attend.

Traditional Pattu Saree blouse design

New Saree Blouse DesignsThe traditional South Indian Pattu Saree can never go out of fashion and girls nowadays are experimenting widely with the blouse designs to give it a modern twist. The lady in the picture donning a Pattu saree, is wearing a very beautifully designed blouse with puffed sleeves and though the colour of the blouse and saree is in contrast, it suites the attire a lot.

Saree Blouse with Short Jacket Sleeve pattern

New Saree Blouse DesignsDesigners are experimenting a lot nowadays with jacket blouses and surely they add a rich element to the Saree. Add a plush velvet jacket or ‘koti’ to a silver shimmery blouse and break that boring, monotonous look. You will look traditional and modern at the same time, this short jacket sleeve saree blouse will give you a royal look with full-on glamour.

Tunic Style Saree Blouse design

New Saree Blouse Designs
This is a complete new avatar of the saree blouse, who could have thought that one day women would wear a tunic and a saree together! Well, this is the modern India and you can go straight ahead and team up your favourite tunic/kurta and wear it with your Saree.

Cape Saree Blouse design

New Saree Blouse DesignsNew Saree Blouse DesignsThe cape was a part of the outfits worn by kings and queens in the ancient times, it instantly brings grace and royalty to the attire, and among all the chic twists in the saree blouse, wearing a saree with a cape is going to get you heaps of praises.

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