Makeup Tricks to Rock That Red Saree


Makeup With Red Saree

The phenomenon called the red saree happens to every woman, some time or the other in her life. Red is a color that attracts like very few colors can. And thus from the famous sirens of Bollywood to the aunty who lives next door, all have been spotted wearing the flaming red saree and have achieved a look that they are remembered for.

There is something very elaborate built into the color red that disallows certain distinct color palettes to clash with it and thus there has to be a very careful look given to not just the accessory but also the entire make up so as to either match up to the red or to tone down its effect.

So when wearing a red saree and thinking of the right kind of makeup here are the considerations to keep in mind

  • The occasion one is wearing it to
  • The type of red saree because textures, prints and designs also do have their own needs
  • The complexion and facial bone structure
  • The age of the person

Red has also been the preferred color for brides as it has always symbolized passion, vitality, and the color of life itself and because of the density of not just the color itself but the very meaning it conveys, there is almost a sensation of expectation when one sees a lady in red. She is without a doubt the most eye-catching but if her makeup does not team up well with the look she is wanting to portray-the effort could go wasted.Makeup With Red Saree

But the bottom line is that whatever the complexion of the person , red when worn in the right shade can make anyone look as ravishing and when not quite matching with the makeup can go terribly wrong for you-it’s not without a reason that a dusky Malaika Khan looks as gorgeous in red as does Katrina Kaif or the wheatish Deepika.

Let’s look at some of the most inspiring looks in red saree and deconstruct it to help us look at it more objectively.

The first inspiration here is from a Benarasi clad Vidya Balan who chooses to go completely traditional not just in her choice of saree but also in her choice of jewelry and hair style. Leaving her hair wavy and loosely tied at the back , that makes huge difference to softening the overly heavy look of the saree, she has worn chunky bangles and kadas and has gone easy on her eyes, lips and nails-no red anywhere-this helps tone down the loud and boldness of any saree in red.Makeup With Red Saree

The look to die for of course is the more casual occasion wear red saree in textured chiffon crepe. The saree has a dense shade of red albeit in a brighter color. Not muted like tomato or coral, but more towards a pastel red. The noteworthy factors in creating the look includes, the reddish tone of hair, the almost cappuccino rust shade of lipstick, the absence of any heavy lidded look as well as only jewelry being the large chandelier on her ears and very little else. It is also the stylish sleeveless blouse that has helped create this very chic party look with red saree. Most try worthy for all who wish to wear a red saree.Makeup With Red Saree

The occasion wear look -to get the red  saree right for you is to perfect this Aishwarya look in which there is formality as well as glamour of a elegant kind. Wear your red heavy silks without fear as long as you can keep your tresses in a  bun, wear a simple bindi, flowers in hair, some deep lipstick  and of course create a muted smoky eyed look with loads of kajal. This traditional look will never fail.
Makeup With Red Saree

Here is a red saree look that could not have been worked better. The plain red saree with its modern look border in a textured lace is simply modernized to quite another look. Not the minimalist jewelry choices like an elegant set of danglers. Eyes are deep kohl, with cheeks bare and the lip color in sheer copper and barely there facial contouring. The ringlets of gelled hair make the look of the color all the more refreshingly different.Makeup With Red Saree

Here is a deep red, almost maroon saree worn with copper lips and simple eye makeup. This nude makeup look is what works best when the occasions are more party type and even more so if the choice of texture and fabric is lightweight. Do note the high necked blouse and the softening of look with open hair.Makeup With Red Saree

An informal look with a red laced saree-the makeup again is based on very little use of layering of foundation-the skin has shiny glowing feel, each eye shadow and lips in nude to copper shade. The eyes have also been left looking just kohl lined with the Cleopatra look. When eyes have been given a look , there should be lesser make up on lips and cheeks. Note the pulled back hair, albeit in a soft chignon.

When wearing eye color with red saree, go for champagne color, pale copper and sheers.Makeup With Red Saree

This look with the typically Punjabi wedding is with a muted red lipstick that begins to look great if the eyebrows are a little strongly emphasized and if the bone structure of the person is more pronounced then the color needs to be muted further. Note the use of just cheek color as the effect of the saree itself is so pronounced.Makeup With Red Saree

With sarees heavy or light-red is a color that sure is going to turn a few heads and thus we sure don’t want to overdo the look.

Some basic makeup tricks for wearing red:

  • Go for tinted moisturized skin perfecters as base make up as most skin imperfections get highlighted when one wears red.
  • Eye shadow can be beige, tan, gray and smoky black provided you are keeping the look nude on the lips and if not go easy on the eyes, unless it’s your own wedding.Makeup With Red Saree
  • Wear lip liner when wearing red lipstick as red colored lipsticks usually bleed.
  • Wear color on your cheeks only of you are a very fair complexioned person as red can make you look very pale. But if you are wheat skinned or dark toned-go easy on blush and go more for contouring with bronzers.