How to Make Saree Pallu Kuchu?


Make Saree Pallu Kuchu

The saree remains a drape whose versatility in creating a new look each time it is worn can never quite be fathomed, and when it comes to making an already gorgeous dress look all the more beautiful, there is one idea that can never be quite far away -saree Pallu Kuchu. The pallu which is often called as the soul of the saree can be designed in myriad ways. It is draped differently also. Yet, it inherently possesses the ability to further enhance its looks with embellishments such as Kuchu designs that add more color and a feeling of dynamism to the existing design of the saree. It is like adding another dimension to the beauty of the saree.

Here are the simplest designs that you can begin trying your hand at Make Saree Pallu Kuchu

The first Kuchu design requires you to have these articles with you so as to begin this creative project:

  •  Make Saree Pallu KuchuNeedle with a wide eye.
  • Silk threads in the colors of your choice
  • Beads
  • Scissors
  • Fabric glue

You must get the saree pallu to have its edges stitched so that there is no rough edges, loose or fraying thread.

Important tip

  • The first step would be to take 6 to 8 strands of threads and insert them into the needle. This could be slightly tricky, but all that you have to do is put some fabric glue to the thread ends and when they stick together they will easily insert into the needle.
  • Now take 6 to 8 strands and then as you pass it through the needle and bring it through it, it becomes almost 12 strands at least.
  • Take the golden bead and run the needle through it. Then take the needle and insert into the fabric on the edge. Now insert it back into the bead and run it through. Make Saree Pallu Kuchu
  • You can see the combination of bead and tassel making its magic felt in this gray and pink saree. Make Saree Pallu Kuchu
  • At this time you will see that there will be two twelve thread strands amounting to at least 24 thin strands in all and you will have to tug it through in a manner that the threads are all aligned under the bead.
  • So once again-insert thread into needle-then insert the thread into the bead followed by inserting it into the edge of pallu. After this again, insert thread into the bead and pull the thread through. Now you will have the formation of thick kuchu. Take a golden colored single thin thread and tie multiple knots at the base of the bead which will disallow it to slip and lose its position. Snip it off. Now you will have to snip off the threads from the base creating a tassel.

Crochet Kuchu

Simple steps in this too make it an ever popular means of decorating the saree edge.

Material needed for making crochet kuchu design:

  • Crochet hook
  • Silk threads in four different rolls.
  • Scissors
  • The saree’s edge has to be done in a neat stitch. Begin by taking four strands of silk threads from the four rolls that you have to make as you will be using four strands at one go for making the thread of the needed thickness.
  • Begin by making a knot after joining all four threads into one strand. Now take the crochet hook and insert into the edge of the saree. You would be holding the thread on the other hand and now you will have to take the thread from the other side of the saree and bring it to the front and make the typical chain loop and create such chain loops at least five times.
  • Again, you must insert hook into the fabric and pull the thread through the fabric, thus anchoring the thread to the saree edge. Continue making such simple chain loops in a simple crochet pattern till you reach the other end and then begin the second row of the design. Make Saree Pallu Kuchu
  • In this set, you simply make the overlapping second row of stitching that fills up the gap between the chain. You may, in the end, add a bead that can hang from in between the crochet design.

You can see a similar crochet as well as Kuchu tassels in the saree below. Make Saree Pallu KuchuIn the maroon and off white combination both crochet and tassels have been used. Note how at the base of each tassel there is a golden thread knot that keeps the tassel in place. Alternately, one can use a bead to make it look more ornate. Make Saree Pallu KuchuHere is another combination of the tassel and crochet work in alternating color without the usage of beads. Could be tried with easy steps as mentioned above. Form the base with the chain stitch and overlapping crochet and then create tassels as shown with tow varying colored threads. Make Saree Pallu KuchuNow that you have learned the simple tassel making, you can now go ahead and create something like this simple multicolored tassel for the Benarasi or any silk saree that seems to be lacking that luster and style in its pallu and give it a whole new look. Make Saree Pallu Kuchu

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