Stunning, Innovative Saree Draping Styles

Draping Styles

Innovative Saree Draping Styles

So the saree is traditional-right- and you have known that for long. It has for very long remained under covers, well quite literally, till a time came when the wondrous flowing garment was rediscovered as one of the most fabulous ways of flaunting a figure. Saree draping styles in fact can play a vital role in not just enhancing the look of the saree itself, but also the wearer. So while a lot of attention has been paid over the last one decade on the styling of the garment with newer combination of weaves and fabrics that create a whole new story of style.

Draping styles have evolved to make sure that the preference of the modern Indian woman is kept in mind-plus the fact that the style has ease of wearing, effective usage of the design and weave as well as it should ensure that it does manage to amalgamate the modern with the traditional.

Saree draping styles, each season happens to come with a new look-mostly showcased by the famous designers whose love for sarees is well known. They have brought the gorgeous combinations of western wear clothes with saree-jackets and pants and even kurtas with sarees. What is all the more interesting is to see that more and more women in cities are actually trying on these new chic styles.

Here are some of my favorite picks that are riveting in the manner in which the silhouette is enhanced and the way the look of the saree is not lost while still managing to create a whole new statement that is in itself unique.

A splash of bold colors, the smart drape of georgettes in prints that invoke tropical hues oceanic hues and the kind of looks that will set the modern look going for your attire. The saree is draped rather tightly and the pallu is wound around and belted at the waist. The pallu is taken on the front a little slanting and then brought to the front completely pleated and then tucked across the front to fall in a tight frill at the left side of the waist. Note the usage of prints that are in vogue like this ludo and snakes and ladder ones-they are worn with long sleeved blouses that have demure high necks. Nothing flashy about the blouse or the saree. Would look especially great if the saree is slinky and has a satin border.Innovative Saree Draping StylesGo on and wear those lycra tights or those jeggings and then wear a half length lace saree with it for effect. The clever usage of something figure hugging getting tones down by a half saree look is simply fascinatingly simple yet so very smart. Wear a lycra blouse that maybe well embellished and wear a tight pair of slacks –maybe in a thicker fabric or if you please even your black palazzos. Wear with it’s a saree whose length has been reduced to half – and if you cannot there is a way of making broad pleats on the right side and taking the rest of the saree on to the right shoulder. Whichever way your modern look is easy to achieve and super comfortable as well.Innovative Saree Draping StylesHere is another look at the pallu-while draping the saree differently; it is majorly the pallu that can give you the much needed change in the way you look. As you can see, in the first one –the pallu has to be kept very short and the pleats more than usual. While bringing the pallu on to the shoulder one must remember to take only one corner up there leaving the lower portion to simply drop down showing off the beauty of the border. Best chosen for this style are white tissues with ornate borders.

The next look is the usual saree but the pallu has been taken completely back and the waist gets stylized with a belt. And the last of the trio here wears the saree with a short pallu that has been taken over the left shoulder, brought to the front the usual way and simply taken over the waist to clinch it with a belt. The drape gets a lot of definition because of the tight draping and wearing of georgettes or chiffons which makes the look easier to achieve.Innovative Saree Draping StylesHere is another diva flaunting a tunic like blouse and a loose draped pallu that has been loosely pleated on the left shoulder. It is possible to get this drape if the saree has a dramatically different half that is in a bold design. The silver jewelry and the hairstyle add more to the look. This style is very easy to achieve with raw silks as well as monochromatic crepes that have a half and half design.Innovative Saree Draping StylesFor the next draping style it would be so important to be not just slimmer than usual but also have flat abs. And if you think you have the desired slimness-this is the drape for you. Try it with sarees that have heavy borders done with embroidery. The saree has to be plated the usual way leaving enough pallu. Then as one brings the saree to the front for draping over the left shoulder-we instead take it tightly across the waist, securing it with  a saree pin or belt and then take the pallu up the shoulder in a bunched manner. This draping style leaves the frontage quite open and thus the best thing would be to wear a blouse with high neck that comes down to the waist.Innovative Saree Draping StylesI would recommend this next drape with a startling yellow saree as the one that invokes a rather modern imagery-more like the Grecian drape, the plain saree can be worn over pants or slim fitting trouser and even palazzos. The saree is draped across the shoulder and that is all. There are pleats on in the middle but the saree is not wound around as we do with conventional draping.Innovative Saree Draping StylesThe next set of drapes are basically the same style achieved by using a tissue saree that is worn with capes. Remember that capes would look best with plain sarees and the kind that have hint of embroidery on them so as to offset the caped look. The pallu has been done very easy and loose so that the look is languid and flowing.Innovative Saree Draping StylesThis drape is simply the pallu taken through the crop top and knotted at the neck to fall like a scarf around the upper and lower waist. Simply modern and very easy to try, one could use contemporary print sarees to get this look. Innovative Saree Draping StylesHeavy Kanjeevarams could be given a different treatment that will reduce the bulk around the waist as is mostly the case. Here after a few pleats the saree is left with a very long pallu that comes up in the front from a very low angle curving as it does her with the broad border getting maximum importance and then simply is draped like a stole over the left shoulder falling elegantly in pleats behind. This saree as you can see comes with very few pleats but manages to create the ornate look because of the way in which the pallu is done.Innovative Saree Draping StylesAnd finally the look that is sure to make a lot of heads turn, is this combination of skirt with saree. Wear a long skirt , of course in a coordinating color and see the magic of draping half length of the saree. The pallu could be taken over the right or the left shoulder and secured well with a broad belt high up at the waist . This structuring of the look with a saree is a fabulous way to add a drape to your long straight skirt.Innovative Saree Draping Styles