How to Wear Saree for Party – Nailing the Dazzling Look

Draping Styles

How to Wear Saree for Party

You come back from a party and the first thing you do is check yourself in the mirror at home confident in the fact that the saree you had worn was making you look like the stunner you think you are. You were right –you did look great even after two hours of part-but-only something seemed to have gone terribly wrong, neck down-your saree seemed to have turned into this living tornado stricken disaster zone!!

Quite honestly this is exactly how some of us end up and swear never to wear a saree unless we have learnt the art of draping it the right way. Sarees are one of the most elegant, fun, charming and eclectic of dressing options, only if you have developed the skill of draping it adequately well to suit the occasion. Parties are obviously the favorite time to experiment with your usual looks and those clad in the mundane salwar kameez tend to suddenly want to don this new image.

So if you have been able to identify with this, I’m sure it’s time you took the art of draping a saree a little more academically.  You have to first decide on:

  • The type of saree you wish to wear in terms of fabric and texture.
  • The draping style you wish to wear.
  • The blouse as an accessory has to be pre decided as that could affect the way you may drape the saree for the party.
  • The obvious sensitive areas that could cause trouble have to be identified.
  • Picking the saree as per the amount of time you wish to spend at the party.

Here are some more hints to make your draping an easy cakewalk.

Pick an Easy To Drape Type of Saree

Chiffons and Georgettes are perhaps the favorite with many, as are crepes because of the richness they give to the color tone used and the easy draping, pleating and lightness of the saree when the hours could stretch for long. Make a choice from these in case you have to move around and have some kind of activity or game based evening where you need to be more light on your feet-or if dancing too is on the cards.

Begin by choosing a blouse that has a lot more attitude then the proverbial simple cut blouse-go for jacket style, or boat neck with koti type of blouse that will help you keep your torso neatly covered with no concern or little concern for managing the pallu too seriously.How to Wear Saree for Party

Keep the pallu neatly pinned or hanging loosely from the shoulder for a better grip over your saree through the long evening.

Drape the saree the usual pleating style if you have a slim figure. In fact the more pleats you can have the better the look of the saree.How to Wear Saree for Party

Innoavtive pleating-There is of course the Indo-western saree drape that could be tied by those who love to flaunt their uniqueness. The pant-style saree is huge on the fashion scene, but not does take one to have a great deal of body confidence to pull off this look.How to Wear Saree for Party

The Lace Drape

The gorgeousness of a lace saree is perfect for a party and what better to compliment its silken gossamer feel than a blouse that makes its delicate design more alive. Do wear your laces with a blouse that positively has been made especially to go with the lace saree.How to Wear Saree for Party

Net And Shimmer

What became quite a rage some time back, the net saree with its variants have remained hot on the ramp and at all party scenes with shimmer petticoats adding more fun to the already glamorous look.How to Wear Saree for Party

Add those extra high, extra cool high heels

Remember the higher the heels more arched your back and more treacherous your ability to maintain the saree. So while opting for the heel height remains your personal choice, do keep in mind that while draping the saree, especially with crepes there is a need to pin the back of the saree also into the petticoat or else the terrible chances f the heel catching in the fall and your saree hanging lower than the floor level is really high.

Half Tucked with Cummerbund or belt with a lovely floating pallu

So you are completely done with the Nivi, the Deepika or the mermaid styles and are seriously wanting a look that will make you comfortable in control of your saree, albeit not take away the style you so want to convincingly pull off-try this style which requires one to have the tucked in at waist look that will be lovely with the floating pallu as well.How to Wear Saree for Party

No Pleat More Style!!

Well the truth of the matter is that there is more happening in draping style whet here is very little pleating involved in it and the possibilities with along pallu which can then be either noted or left to twisty around your lower body or simply allowed to create along floating style is what is going to be most noticed.How to Wear Saree for Party

Casual is Cool

When it comes to wearing sarees for parties remember it has to project its most casual side and what better way to show that off than with mix and match style jackets with broad bordered sarees that add so much color to enrich the very color palette that you are planning to wear.How to Wear Saree for Party

An Answer to the Little Black Dress

Quite frankly the answer to the little black dress has to be the black saree look-be it in lace, net or shimmery chiffon-the black saree has always been the hot favorite in the cocktail saree circuit for its relevance, style statement and the joy of a color so basic yet elegant. Drape it in the simplest of styles for maximum impact of solid black.How to Wear Saree for Party

Here are my quick tips for the last minute saree fix before the party:

  • Sarees especially crepes tend to slump near the bust, so tighten and tuck before entering the venue.
  • If you feel the saree is making a funny silhouette- pin up at the hip for a neat fish cut look.
  • Look out for low hanging drooping saree border at the back; they can be treacherous under your heels.How to Wear Saree for Party