How to Wear a Saree Perfectly

Draping Styles

How to Wear a Saree Perfectly

It’s simply six yards of cloth, some of them downright plain, with very little embellishment, but when draped around a woman’s body, it creates a magical look of elegance, grace and allure. Few other dresses can compare with what the saree does for a woman’s looks. The Indian saree unquestionably remains the numero uno choice for women for all special occasions. Such is the versatility of the saree, that it can with simple tweaks make one look ready for office and work, a wedding, a party or even a day out to attend the child’s Parent–teacher Meet!

For many however, saree wearing itself seems too tiresome and cumbersome. They find the length, the pleats and the pallu handling, way beyond their capacity. In my opinion, it’s all about getting used to the flow of the fabric. It’s about fine tuning your entire ensemble, draping it with correct steps, pinning in places where it matters and not otherwise, that makes it easy, even for the most reluctant of saree wearer.

Here are some of the most critical areas to look into while you tackle the first step towards gorgeousness!

Body Type and Saree

Slim or heavy-your saree can make you look like a diva anyway  -so if you are lanky, you should be choosing drapes that remain unclingy-like organzas, tissues, Chanderis  and the like, while those heavy set should steer clear of cottons, handlooms and the likes-opting for chiffons and georgettes.How to Wear a Saree Perfectly

How to Wear a Saree Perfectly

Getting Down To the Basic

Saree draping is also about how well you get its other accomplices in the act together- meaning the blouse and the petticoat. The fact about blouses is that such is their attractive nature that they are in a position to overshadow the beauty of the saree. Now, gauging what you would like to highlight more is critical. You could do well to choose a blouse and petticoat that complements the saree.How to Wear a Saree Perfectly

Remember the length of the petticoat must always be right down to the ankles-with the heels on. This little detail is what goes amiss while switching footwear.How to Wear a Saree Perfectly

How to Wear a Saree Perfectly

I might as well point out that the petticoat needs to be the kind that blends in with the color of the saree, especially if it’s a light colored saree . A darker shade petticoat tends to change the color of the saree at the back where the petticoat is visible through one layer of the drape. Remember to match by placing under one layer of saree especially if it is a sheer material.

With heavier sarees, while the petticoat does not matter, but sometimes as we take a higher step, it could peep out under the border. So be very cautious.How to Wear a Saree Perfectly

How to Wear a Saree Perfectly

Another basic part of preparation is the saree itself-check for proper ironing. Here is one area that is often the cause for last minute anxiety. Sarees that are ironed and hung on the hanger for very long, tend to have creases. Especially be wary of the crease that occurs at the point where we actually begin to pleat the saree, and this ugly crease runs down the entire outer pleat. Do check and also make sure to remove all liner creases as they surely mar the beauty of the drape.

The Actual Drape

Let me break this down into simple steps for you.

  • Wear the petticoat and the blouse making sure that the lower button of the blouse sits across the midriff not too tight or loose. The same goes for the tying of the petticoat. It should not be too tight so as to disallow tucking and not too loose so as to prevent any pleat spillage.
  • Begin draping the end of the saree from the tucking in at the right side of the waist covering only three fourths.
  • Bring the saree round the back neatly tucking in and not too tight round the body. As you come to the front again tuck in the mid-length.
  • Leave enough length to make 5 inch broad pleats numbering five to seven,-if not make sure that you get at least four broad pleats.
  • While you do this also prepare the pallu by folding the width of the saree in neat folds.
  • Now take the rest of the length in this neatly folded manner, and bring it round the back and on to the front again-this time to fling it and over the shoulder.
  • The pallu should fall at least down to the knees and not below.

Simply put a pin on the shoulder for the time being as you prepare to do the final pleats in the front.

  • Make adjustments now of any extra length and make it part of the lower most front pleat.
  • Neatly tuck in the rest of the front pleats into the saree and use an ornamental pin to keep them secure.
  • Go back to your shoulder once again. In case you want to have a loose pallu, then pin just the edge of the fabric a little to the back of the blouse.
  • This would also be your time to adjust the front pleats making sure they are overlapping neatly. One way of ensuring this is by pressing down the front of the pleats.
  • Also time to check the level of the saree-should not be too low from the back.
  • Also, the tying of the saree should be at the level of the navel.
  • Turn and check the lower levels-turn to the right and the left and see that just your heels should be visible. Tug at the pleats to see how firm they are. Re check that the back is not too high.How to Wear a Saree Perfectly

Here are the last minute checkpoints:

  • See that your saree is allowing you to walk with ease and is not getting entangled with the petticoat.
  • If the saree is a crepe, the fabric tends to droop down from the back-so tuck in firmly at the back.
  • Do not use pins unnecessarily-could cause tear in the fabric.
  • Do walk around the room a little to gain confidence about the way you should be handling the feel of the saree. It does help! Be cool and be confident in the fact that you could not have looked better than this!