How To Wear  a Saree Brooch?


How To Wear a Saree Brooch?

Brooch is an exquisite but underrated jewelled accessory which first made its mark way back in Bronze Age. As time passed by, the intricacy and sophistication of brooches increased, and like other jewellery there came a time when Brooches were worn only by the fashion-sensitive portion of society.

This trend of Brooches, the way it was in 18th century, is back in our times. Apart from the utility, brooches are an indispensable form of accessory that has capability to uplift your overall look.

Here are some fashion-sensitive ways to give your traditional saree a glamorous punch with a Brooch:

A reverse from the Traditional way

Traditionally, we use brooch for utilitarian needs which is to use it as a medium of holding our pallu tight. But another utilitarian and dressy way of using your brooch is pinning it up on the backside. So when your pallu falls on your back, a matching brooch can rest decoratively over it.How To Wear a Saree Brooch?

Your pallu will not only have a better grip, but it will also complement your saree.

Try Brooch side-ways

Since brooches for saree are a trending accessory this season, you must include a life size, metallic finesse brooch to your shopping list. Breaking free from traditions, we can innovate with brooch to equate it with a full-fledged accessory.How To Wear a Saree Brooch?

Try this life size brooch sideways to your pallu on the front side of your saree. This kind of brooch is best for simple sarees to balance them with contemporary style. Brooches like the one in the picture are easily available in market.

Brooch on Your Backless Blouse

 Brooch can not only be part of your saree’s fabric, but you can accessorise it as well. Be more innovative and pin up a decorative, matching brooch with a backless or deep neck blouses.How To Wear a Saree Brooch?

You can pin it up, right on the top of the hook (like the picture) or you can pin up the brooch on the non-pallu side of the blouse.

Innovate with a Brooch and a Kamarband

This idea is more of a DIY thing. We all can easily access interesting pearl kamarbands at our place or from the market. Similarly we can also arrange for ourselves beautiful Swarovski work brooch. We may clip one end of the kamarband with the brooch and tie it over our pallu in such a way that it trails through the pallu (see picture).How To Wear a Saree Brooch?

This is a great idea if you want to make your simple saree to look ornate without burning a hole in the pocket.

Brooch Chain is a Blessing

Chain Brooches is the last retort accessory and is an established way of taking our saree to different notches in no time. With a mono-toned saree, get yourself an intricate designed brooch with beautiful gems and jewels embedded in it. A heavy dressy brooch works best.How To Wear a Saree Brooch?

You can pin-up a chain brooch over your arm or over your front pallu side (see picture). This style gives you freedom to try various styles.

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