How to Wear a Saree Bollywood Style

Draping Styles

How to Wear a Saree Bollywood Style

When Nargis wore her simple cotton sarees there was a lot of talk about the elegance and grace a saree gave to the look of any woman but when Madhuri and Deepika Padukone wore the same saree,  many decades later-the oomphing of sarees reached a new high. Perhaps this entire journey began with Saira Banu and Mumtaz whose clinging chiffons, set the new trend on track announcing the new wave in Bollywood fashions and the beginning of an era where glamorizing the saree became unapologetic. It made Hindi movie heroines  the much talked about fashion icons of those days. Today, despite there being such  a brouhaha about tradition making a huge comeback, the tinsel town still makes its own waves on the fashion front with Bollywood styled clothing heavily pronouncing its presence each season. This glamorized version of saree wearing is what most women want to try some time or the other –so be it retro Bollywood, or the typical Sushmita Sen style saree draping-there is always an urge amongst women who love their Bollywood divas as much as do sarees, to intermingle the two.

How to Choose your Bollywood Saree

This is the best way to bring out the celebrity in you. Wear a saree that increases your glamour to a new high and that could be easily accomplished with this adapting to a new style of wearing sarees. For that one needs to choose the right kind of sarees. Here are some great picks that you could begin with.How to Wear a Saree Bollywood Style

The quintessential Bollywood beauty-Deepika, here sports the famed white georgette with gold work along with a thin strapped blouse that barely covers her midriff showing off her abs and her slim arms to effect. Own a white saree like this and you are sorted for many occasions that require both style and elegance. Note the chignon, the heavy cuff on her ram and the coordinated clutch to complete the elegant effect.How to Wear a Saree Bollywood Style

Here is my second pick-go for velvet –there is something truly rich and luxurious and ready for the red carpet feel to this kind of saree that combines the softness of velvet with the see through net to make dense and rare materials blend in so well. Of course the highlight created here in true Bollywood style is the blouse. And the Nivi style draping which again is essential to show off ones figure to the fullest. Note also the frilled pleats that gives the saree a more gown kind of feel.How to Wear a Saree Bollywood Style

While Bollywood on one hand gives us ideas from the red carpet, but the flashes of casual dressing too is always there -as in the case of this neon colored chiffon that Kareena Kapoor flaunts tells us that sarees have endured through formal and informal dressing and are staple to divas like her. Note the bare arms, the rock on the finger, the cap sleeved blouse and the deep necked blouse –all of which offsetting her svelte figure and the play of neon ink and orange with an off white for an electrifying silhouette. Get one of these if you are blessed with a figure like hers or wish to look taller .How to Wear a Saree Bollywood Style

Here’s Sonam making new overtures as a fashionista setting the record straight with her elegantly  traditional look which only she could have pulled off with such confidence-the Suzni embroidery choli is in very delicate shades  and gets some respite in the color overdose because of the light colored saree that allows the hues to look pleasing and not too bright. The border in geometric pattern does the toning down as well. Do go for one of these kinds of combinations and drape in their loose pallu style for maximum effect.How to Wear a Saree Bollywood Style

Here’s another look at the black and white printed saree with a retro look hairstyle, a high necked blouse with a gorgeous rose print. Sonam in her quintessential Bollywood style adds so much drama to the look with the heavy lidded eye makeup that too is retro.How to Wear a Saree Bollywood Style

Above is the picture that floors anyone who takes n the magic of colors as mismatched and yet as cohesive as red, and peach copper. The utterly gorgeous saree is combined with a blouse in white and red broad stripes and the saree itself a confluence of shimmer chiffon or crepe with gorgeous white lace-it takes a Kangana Ranaut to pull of this Bohemian look and to deconstruct the modern look in such a way.How to Wear a Saree Bollywood Style

Essential to any Bollywood inspired wardrobe of course should be a heavily worked blouse as in this case is this heavily sequined one almost like a corset albeit high necked. The flamboyant blouse has been teamed with a white saree that spells simplicity with such gracefulness. The style of draping with minimal pleats and a long pallu too is superbly carried off. One can see that the pleats in front have been kept high, while the pallu is gathered and swept across the front, and thinly pleated at that.How to Wear a Saree Bollywood Style

A shimmer gold lace and net saree here announces another Bollywood favourite that every girl worth her Bollywood frenzy must won. Malaika Khan wears it with a deep cut round necked lycra blouse in the same gold nude shade that fully compliments her figure and her style. The pallu has been left loose and has two heavy tassels in the ends.How to Wear a Saree Bollywood Style

Two draping styles that is very Bollywood is the tight wrap Nivi as in the grey saree where the pallu goes over the left shoulder in broad pleats. In the soft green saree, the Mumtaz magic has been recreated with a simple no pleat style in which the saree is wrapped twice over the body and then covers the upper torso very neatly with it before forming a short pallu over the left shoulder.How to Wear a Saree Bollywood Style

And finally the saree that should be an imperative in any Bollywood style wardrobe-the black shimmer-in ne you can see the net has been embellished completely in Swarovski and in the other there is embroidery with a gold border. In both cases the blouse plays a very important part in glamorizing the look.How to Wear a Saree Bollywood Style

A Bollywood saree drape is quite incomplete without a blouse that is daring, a saree that glitters like a thousand stars and accessories that makes the look all the more alluring. Get your Hollywood choice in saree and chose a style of wearing it that makes you look and above all feel like the diva you are. There is rarely anything subtle or understated about the Bollywood look as is amply clear- and that is the look you must aspire to get.