How to Make Saree Tassels

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How to Make Saree Tassels

Tassels have been around for quite some time and there has always been a huge amount of fascination about the manner in which these beauties, be it made of thread, beads or crochet, seem to lend edges, a different sort of look. Sarees when endowed with a tasseled end automatically gain some kind of an extra pretty finish which they may not have originally have had. Pallu edges usually have tassels particularly if they are silk sarees. But what despite being a heavy silk saree, the pallu does not end in a fringe, or the fringe that the saree comes with is not to your liking? There is always a possibility with the ideas that are shared here , that you could come up with your very own handmade saree tassels, made in the easiest sort of way.

The Rustic Crochet Tassels

Tassels come in many myriad styles and can lend so much color to your pallu and when the sarees are a modern kind, maybe the cottons that have block print or bagru, an indigo saree that has block print all over, it’s such a great idea to just give it a little color pop at the edges, albeit in a rustic sort of way. Here are some samples that will help you get an idea how simple crochet which one was using to make jacket and caps or dressing table mats can now be used for making saree pallu tassels.How to Make Saree Tassels

Look at the vibrance of the multicolored crochet patches that have been interlinked with the simplest of crochet designs to create the most elaborately simple design for the pallu. The one below is the example of how one could make an easy to create lace that can then be edged along the pallu as well as to help coordinate the blouse maybe used on the blouse as well.How to Make Saree Tassels

The picture below shows how a simple crochet pattern in vibrant hues is married to a tassel to create a merry fusion of sorts.How to Make Saree Tassels

Look at this spliced crochet saree where the shaded chiffon has been worked on with crochet through its pallu and body ending of course in tassels in crochet work, giving so much more style and hand worked splendor to the saree.How to Make Saree Tassels

Crochet may seem very complicated at first but the best thing about it is that once you learn the basic, the rest f the designs and patterns seem to simply flow-so go for this artistry of design right away!

Working the Silk Tassels

Making silk tassels can be done with ample ease by simply wrapping embroidery thread in color and length of your choice and making bunches that are then snipped off from one end and attached to the sarees pallu-as simple as that-the artistry however comes in creating variations with different types of beads, tiered tassels and the likes.

Grab any simple embroidery thread that you may have at home-the anchor thread variety that comes in loops. Now take a 5 inch long and three inch wide piece of cardboard and begin wrapping the thread as many times as you can around this piece. At the end of the length leave a little thread length to tie up the bunch which you would be slipping off the cardboard. Once that has been taken off the cardboard it is time to place several such tassels on the saree. The trick of course is in placing it on a hem created through which the thread attaching it will pass easily.

Here is a brilliant effort at creating a coordinated tassel that has been gorgeously embellished using leaf design beads in burnished brass shade. One can also identify that preferably the base thread from which the tassels hang and the tassel itself must be the same color.How to Make Saree Tassels

Here is a fabulous combination that can be worked on with simple gold beads encrusted with stones-these lend another dimension of beauty that is rare. The gold is set off by glass beads in gorgeous transparent red color. These beads are very simple to procure and can be combined well with thread tassels in the easiest possible manner.How to Make Saree Tassels

While some might like the look of simple thread made tassels that coordinate with the color of the saree or the kind that contrast with it, here is one that add quite another look-made with pearly looking beads, the beads are embedded in the resham tassel itself and looms out of its fringe. Will look unique in every sense.How to Make Saree Tassels

Look at the utter gorgeousness of the beads here that have been used to begin the tassel and end with the resham thread that makes the woolen bead on top and the gorgeous faceted gold one look all the more resplendent. It is in this layer of colors, material and the way all of this comes together that tassels gain an important space of their own in sarees.How to Make Saree Tassels

Here is this subtle variation that has been used on the shaded silk-the warp is perhaps mauve or purple so one of the thread tassel has been kept in mauve while the weft is in pink and so there is a contrasting turquoise and beige. The gold bead on the top makes it come together with some amount of homogeneity.How to Make Saree Tassels

The saree below is a simple phulkari and all one needs to do for making tassels for one such saree is to take the same color thread as the embroidery and then make longish tassels with that- and in this case it is orange and hot pink.How to Make Saree Tassels

However heavy the saree pallu maybe the manner in which it culminates does play huge role in elevating its looks and so this white and deep ink tassel in resham has been added to this gorgeously woven pallu with the bird motifs.How to Make Saree Tassels

Here is another idea with scalloped design in which several tiers of scalloped shaped beaded lines have been followed up with the resham tassel-the effect s electrifying to say the least.

How to Make Saree Tassels

One may imagine tassels to be suitable for just heavy silks where resham is already present-but that is not necessarily the case.  Here you can see how a simple khadi saree has been given this gorgeous simple tassel edging with the same thread as the one worked on  the design and the tassels have been taken right along the edge of the entire pallu instead of the just the end.How to Make Saree Tassels

There are several styles available in getting the tassel work on your sarees done but what matters most is n making sure it coordinates also with the sarees overall look.

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