How to Make Saree Kuchu Designs

Kuchu Designs

India is a land with myriad costumes and dresses and each culture comes with its profound heterogeneity. A very important aspect of this diversity has been the rich history of costumes and clothes worn by the people of this land. One of the most enduring amongst them has been the saree that has been found to be suitable in almost every part of the country. With the passage of time there have been many different ways the saree has been draped or made to look. From the border that gives it a clear definition to going completely borderless, from pallus that had abstract designs to those that are hand painted, the saree has had many avatars created with much innovation. There was however an aspect of the pallu , considered to be the soul of the saree, and that truly has seen an amazing amount of innovation in design- the kuchu or tassels.

Kuchus are tassels that edge the pallu of the saree. They have always been the part of most traditionally woven sarees.How to Make Saree Kuchu Designs

You can see the simple resham kuchu that makes these two traditional sarees come alive with finish that helps the color of the pallu get more definition, and make the end more elegant. In the one above the entire edge has been given a purple piping and along that purple resham thread and pearl has been used for a regular design kuchu.

In the kuchu pattern below the red and yellow pattern has been worked on with basic resham thread. The interlacing of thread is done with simple tying of knots and alternating of yellow and red.How to Make Saree Kuchu Designs

You can see a similar pattern worked on pink-this design perhaps is one of the most enduring designs that traditional silk sarees come with when purchased. The trick in making an innovative pattern with the same thread or with application of some other design along with this to make the pallu gain a whole new look.How to Make Saree Kuchu Designs

Here is what I mean-as you can see there is a bead in gold interlaced using crochet thread design and tassels have been interlocked in the same. A simple but effective use of color combination makes this attractive beyond words.How to Make Saree Kuchu Designs

Here is one where the crochet hook has wielded its magic to create the forest green and pink pattern to contrast starkly with the burnished orange of the saree.How to Make Saree Kuchu Designs

Crochet designs can be easily worked into the edge of the saree as one can clearly see-the need for thin headed hooks is necessary as is the right color choice in thread to create the design. Golden beads and pink and gold colored tassels are the variation.How to Make Saree Kuchu Designs

Here is another design that takes the regular golden bead to create the web of crochet that makes t easier to attach the tassles. The crochet design lends more density and presence to the kuchu design and in some ways is very modern in its look. Crochet designs perhaps are some of the easiest t replicate and juts the right way to jumpstart your kuchu design learning.How to Make Saree Kuchu Designs

A gorgeous pattern in blue and gold has given so much life to the simple ivory white saree with the help of crochet and kuchu tassels.How to Make Saree Kuchu Designs

Gold on gold could be another way of adding a more sober and simple design that is classy. Same thread is used for crochet as for the tassel, the only change being the gold bead.How to Make Saree Kuchu Designs

With the growing popularity of Bollywood look sarees that come in crepes and chiffons , kuchus have also reinvented their looks as in the case of this bead only kind f simple tassel work that can be added with so much of ease using beads in glass and metal and simply thread in and attached to the edge.How to Make Saree Kuchu Designs

And finally, here is another design that is so high on impact and very easy to execute. The wooden hand painted bird design beads come in gorgeous ethnic colors that would fit in as much with cotton sarees as with silks. Use it with regular silk resham tassles or beads  or as in this case a combination of the two. All one has to do to get this design is to make individual resham kuchus and attach it to the string of beads.How to Make Saree Kuchu Designs