Gujarati Bridal Saree Draping Styles

Draping Styles

Gujarati Bridal Saree Draping Styles

Sarees are traditional Indian wear that have stood the test of time. Sarees not only make you look sexy, but also provide the comfort you need from clothing. ‘But everybody wears a saree, so how can it be a style statement?’ you’d ask. Don’t worry, we will tell you how to put a spin into wearing sarees that will give you the advantage to make everyone go crazy about your style statement. Add to this your charm, and you will be the most attractive of them allGujarati Bridal Saree Draping StylesIf you have an exotic design on the pallu of the saree that you want to show off, then Gujarati style saree draping is the choice for you. And thanks to all the daily soaps, Gujarati style of draping a saree has become the most popular regional saree draping style in India. The Gujarati style of saree draping is well-suited for any occasion. It adds a touch of western India to your style.Gujarati Bridal Saree Draping StylesThe main difference between a normal saree draping style and the Gujarati style is that while normal saree is draped in a clockwise manner with the pallu falling to your back, the Gujarati style uses anti-clockwise direction, with the pallu falling in the front and covering the chest with pleats. This way, the beautiful embroidery on the pallu can be showed off well. A stylish saree with heavily embellished pallu is all you need to sport this look.Gujarati Bridal Saree Draping Styles

The Gujarati way of draping a saree is also known as ‘seedha pallu’ style. It is not only common in Gujarat, but also in UP, MP, Rajasthan and Bihar. This style of draping the saree makes you look slim too!

Given below are the steps to drape a saree in Gujarati style:

  • Wear a blouse and petticoat (also called the in-skirt).
  • It is best to drape this saree in your footwear because it gives you an idea of the right length for the saree.
  • Identify the pallu as the side with heavy design or has a different colour than the rest of the saree.
  • Take the non-pallu end and start tucking it inside the petticoat from your right to left. Spin the saree around your body once, while continuously tucking it in all along.
  • After this first wrap, make 7 to 8 pleats along the saree length and tuck them in at your navel so that the pleats are facing your right. (Pleats are nothing but folds. Making pleats takes practice as the pleats keep slipping through the fingers. Try to use your thumb to keep the pleats in place.)
  • Pick up the pallu end of the saree and make 3 to 7 pleats along its breadth. Hold these pallu pleats high and shake them gently, so you can see the pleats fall in place and run for at least a yard. Clutch them together at this 1-yard mark.
  • Now bring this pleated pallu from behind you, over your right shoulder, and falling in the front right side of your body.
  • Pin this 1-yard long pallu to your blouse at the right shoulder.
  • Take the left corner of the pallu, spread the pallu over your chest, and pin this corner at left side of your waist through the layers of saree right to the petticoat layer.
  • This left corner of the pallu can also be tucked to your left shoulder like an odhani instead of your waist at the left side (as mentioned in the step above).
  • The pallu, having heavy design, may pull the entire pallu down. So it is best to use ample amount of pins (2 to 3) so that the saree doesn’t tear.

Viola! You’re ready! You will notice that there is a length of saree just hanging at your back. That is normal. That’s a part of the style.Gujarati Bridal Saree Draping Styles

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