Tips for Selecting the Best Fancy Saree for Wedding


Tips for Selecting the Best Fancy Saree for Wedding

Wedding is a no less than a dream for many women, who want to look their best on the most special day of their lives. You are no exception. When it comes to selecting the best wedding attire, you want to walk the ramp like a queen in a wedding dress that enhances your personality and instantly caches attention.

A saree is undoubtedly the best wedding apparel that adds a sophisticated, glamorous look to your personality. Besides being the quintessential Indian woman wear, a saree is the most sophisticated wedding attire that you can carry around with oomph. A fancy saree is a show stealer!

If you are the bride, choose the right wedding saree, and you are almost certain to be tagged as the most glamorous bride ever.Tips for Selecting the Best Fancy Saree for Wedding

Are you ready to receive the coveted title?

Here are a few things to keep in mind when it comes to choosing a fancy wedding saree:

The Fabric

The saree fabric can make or break your looks. While you may look slim and sexy in the right fabric, choosing the wrong type of material could be the worst decision of your life and make you look unnecessarily bulky. When it comes to choosing a fancy wedding sari, silk is the undisputed king in wedding wear. But silk could be a pretty expensive material to own. Chiffon or brocade makes a great substitute.

Besides being glamorous, the fabric should be comfortable enough for you to wear for long wedding rituals. It won’t be wrong to say that you should choose a fancy sari, which is soft to touch, appealing to look at, and light to feel – something that should hold without getting creased or messed up. After all, wedding ceremonies extend for hours and the wedding apparel should hold on just like new for the long day ahead.

Height of the Wearer

Tips for Selecting the Best Fancy Saree for WeddingSurprised, are you? Well, your height determines what type of a saree you should wear to a wedding.

  • Tall women: If you are quite tall, you could drape yourself in a designer saree. Or a Kanjeevaram sari looks absolutely stunning on a tall woman. If you are slightly conscious about your height, you could choose sarees with big prints or heavy borders that will draw attention from your height. Raw silk saris could enhance your overall look. Designer wedding saree with heavy stone embellishment, zari work, lacework, or embroidery is the choice for many tall women who want to look drop-dead gorgeous on a wedding.
  • Short women: A saree with heavy work or big prints can make short & bulky girls look fatty. Short, slim women should opt for saris with a thin border, as it will make you look tall. Even small to medium-sized prints are a good choice to enhance your personality. 


Pink and red are the quintessential wedding wear colors, though you can opt for other vibrant color of your choice. For a fair complexion skin, a bright colored sari will rock your looks. Dark complexion will look cheerful and glamorous in darker hues. Whether you are the bride, bridesmaid, or attending the wedding of a friend or relative, picking the right colored sari that adds an air of personality to your looks is what you need to be the star attraction.

All in all, when it comes to selecting the best fancy saree for wedding, it is your decision and your choice. Heavy embroidery and too much work would add to the grandeur, but it could make you feel uneasy. Of course, it is important to carry yourself flawlessly in a fancy saree.

Choose a saree that catches your fancy and that you can carry around with elegance, confidence, and ease. Complete your glamorous look with a matching blouse, jewelry, and accessories and you are all set to rock the big day!