Selected Best of Cotton Saree Blouse Patterns

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Cotton Saree Blouse Patterns

Pause for just a moment and think of the warm breeze, the dazzling sun, the innumerable glasses of water and of course the swish of cotton crisps. Yes, the very imagery of summer cannot be complete without the feel of the cotton fabric and for those in love with sarees, cottons give them just the right amount of wearing comfort and airiness that is so needed through the season. Come summers, we see an avalanche of the coolest of cotton sarees that have some common traits.

  • They either come in prints, solids or in the new wave of checks and plenty of handlooms.
  • They need to be crisp and starched enough to make them look their best.
  • And above all, they could be in the coolest of shades to the warmest boldest of colors, but the effect always remains cool.
  • All cotton sarees can be given an uplifting look that has a lot to do with blouses.
  • Since cottons are worn in summers, we are devoid of too much make up and jewelry and thus it is only imperative that we spruce up its look with the right cut and design of the blouse.

Blouses for cotton would of course have to do a great deal not just with the pattern on the saree but also the wearer, the occasion and the fabric of the blouse. Preferably one ought to use cotton blouses to wear with cotton sarees and at the most one could add frills, buttons, tie ups and small little embellishments to get the needed look, but since the very fact that cotton sarees are chosen as everyday work wear, it is but natural that blouses that go with them rely little on embellishment and more on cut and styling in terms of neck pattern and back and less on making them more glitzy.

Here is my first pick that simply stuns with its graceful high back. The simplest of plain cotton saree has been beautifully combined with a color that is subdued and that is why even the button highlights made of cotton and the very light embroidery looks fabulous set against a plain saree. Since the definition is at the back but would be prudent to leave the front devoid of any more detailing.Cotton Saree Blouse PatternsA simple boat neck blouse can be great for any cotton saree and it lends it a youthfulness that one seldom sees with other cuts and designs. Remember though that since the boat neck is a high neck blouse it is to be avoided by women who are very heavy on top or those who have very broad shoulders as this cut emphasizes the width and when the attention is not taken away by some kind of design, the focus on width is even more. In fact, this is one of the best designs for those who are thin.Cotton Saree Blouse PatternsIf you think of linen, tangail, cotton Benarasis or Cotton Kantha, Naraypet of Coimbatore kinds of cotton, one instantly thinks of blouses that complement the very look of the saree in all its distinction. Here are four patterns, the first worn with the cotton Benarasi is worn with a simple v-necked blouse in red. Simple and elegant – the dark blue piping giving it a more ethnic appeal.

The round necked blouse worn with the yellow saree has long elbow length sleeves that make it look more formal and is perfect for wearing to office functions. The boat neck with tiny buttons made of fabric is another favorite as it creates a look of a very simple design that adds much to the typical work wear look. The check blouse worn with the off white linen saree has a slit front, and cap sleeves.Cotton Saree Blouse PatternsThe more daring would love to add more to the plain cotton, could opt for this choli style blouse that has a tie back design right down to the waist. Could be worn with Chanderi kinds of cotton or dark linens for special occasions that demands a little more from cottons.Cotton Saree Blouse PatternsHigh necked blouses have been quite a rage for the whole of 2016 and as we approach the new year there is no sign f its popularity abating that soon and more so there has been a surge in mixing and creating designs by adding prints to blouses and here is a great example of a pink print added to a high neck blouse. Do note the studious high neck and the single button on top giving it the look of greater formality. The black fabric of the blouse is giving so much solidity to the look while the pink print is creating some homogeneity with the pink saree.Cotton Saree Blouse PatternsThe collared blouse made of kalamkari fabric can be worn with any plain saree or a kalamkari in cotton  and the high neck collared feature adds so much robustness to the delicate pattern. The sleeveless look is fine as summers can be excruciatingly hot and if you have work in the outdoors or have to travel a great deal, this would be the right design for you. Do note the tiny black buttons in the front that is adding the magical touch.
Cotton Saree Blouse Patterns
Kalamkari along with ikat is another rage for those in love with cotton sarees. The fun is that whatever maybe the color of the saree, these blouses can be easily teamed with them. The patterns seem to bring out the crispness of the fabric and lends it a richer more luxurious look. Wear it particularly with kalamkaris, linens, plain tangails and Coimbatore cottons.Cotton Saree Blouse PatternsHere are three different patterns again with the emphasis on cut and the usage of block prints –the first has a fairly high neck with a simple round neck and the emphasis is on the thin piping and the tiny print. The second has used the jacket style which again one must wear only to special occasions as in summers such blouses could play havoc with your look, and the last one is the black ikat saree contrasted superbly with the orange blouse with thread worked design. When the fabric itself is so great , how can the blouse design falter!
Cotton Saree Blouse PatternsHere are three more designs that will spell calls and sophistication. Be it the one that has the striped back that closes in a smart buttoned manner or the front with its striped base. Cotton Saree Blouse PatternsNote the usage of piping, the sleeve border that is rather wide and the eyelet keyhole back-all of these lend more structure and a look that complements the overall look of the saree that in most cases are simple.